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Dipaliya means in the language of the Dagomba tribe “the dreams from your heart can come true”. Despite the many differences that are there, the community of Saakuba village has embraced me as one of their own. Over time I have been honored with a leadership role within the community, and trusted with a representative role on behalf of the tribe

Projects I am working with are transformative on systems level, improving wellbeing in nature and communities, and creating healthy lifeconditions for people in the small local communities of rural Africa. Working on the small scale of Saakuba village and Kumbungu district Ghana enables us to find practical solutions for existential issues that are global

Working with Shea butter we have developed an international trading model that balances the value earned in a supply chain more equally with value added by the source of a supply chain. As Dipaliya Meshwork we have defined 5 projects that together form a roadmap for implementing organic farming in the region. Our planning is in generations, not years

We translate complex global issues into practical approaches for preservation & self-sufficiency of local communities

Project & Process Management Tools

Spiral Dynamics

For analyzing the many different perspectives on reality, and different motives that inspire people in their behavior


For organizing individual & institutional collaborations, and facilitating commitment in service of a collective purpose

Theory U

For managing the process of innovation as an action-learning journey, from idea and experiment to scalable prototype


For effficient decison-making based on reality beyond Ego and what-if scenario’s that mostly happen in our minds only


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In my life I have met so many interesting and inspiring people, and have been able to engage with people from many different cultures and traditions. Sharing stories is something I enjoy, and I have learned so much from listening to stories from the people who I have met 

Stories unite people and communities. They give us the opportunity to share about our culture and history, and give us the opportunity to learn from other perspectives on life than our own. We all have our unique story that wants to be heard, every person holds a story that is worth listening to

In the 20+ years I have been working as a management consultant, manager, and change process facilitator, I was fortunate to work with top experts in their field of work and learn from the challenges that clients trusted us with for solving in coworking with their people

Many projects I have been involved in were highly complex, requiring creativity, resourfulness, adaptivity and play

Your company or team can hire me for


Sharing my experiences related to a topic of interest for you, either to inspire or for bringing in fresh perspectives


Facilitating your team in mindful speech and active listening through storytelling, either in a workshop or an informal sphere


On-the-job learning to work with tools tor wise decison-making & training how to facilitate dialogue and stortelling processes


Helping to look at key questions with fresh eyes by expanding perspectives, and by challenging limitations in (group)thinking


|  Dialogue  |  Practice  |  Reflection  |  Learning

A coaching relationship is a relationship of trust. I am professionally trained and experienced in coaching, assessment (ValueMatch) group dynamics, and in developing simulation games. I work with an ethical code for confidentiality and professional intimacy based on my practice as a student from Zen-Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh

A coaching relationship is also a transactional relationship where the coach offers a service for which the client pays. I always start a coaching process with an intake in which we have a 1.5hr conversation where we address the topics to work on, the values from which we want to work, the desired process & outcomes, and the terms for payment

When, after reflection on our first conversation, we agree not to start a coaching process I will charge € 50,- for the intake. If we continue, the intake will not be charged. My coaching fee and the timetable of the process are flexible within boundaries, to agree upon after the intake. Before our first meeting a mutual contract will be written and signed

I can not prevent you from making your own mistakes, but I will help you to deepen your learning from mistakes made

You can expect from me


Hearing what the other says without forming an image, thought, or opinion is a quality I bring, share, and teach


We will be working in the ‘here & now’, in conversation and with small excersises that bring us beyond cognition


I will not give you a toolkit with answers, we use tools to guide you in asking questions, helping you to find your own answers


Down to Earth means we will be practicing to listen and speak with consciousness of what our body is telling us


|  Meditating  |  Diving  |  Cooking  |  Learning

Ever since I can remember I have been asking myself what it means to be born in this age and time, on the western part of the European continent, in a physical body called Alain. Asking questions about life & reality have always been more fascinating to me than the answers that come from outside, my mind, and my perceived reality. It’s a joyful playing

I am a student-practitioner with Zen-Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and a student with the Kabbalah center. Born Jewish I do not consider myself of any religious or ethnic group. I’ve engaged with a wide range of spiritual practices from Sjamanic, Hindu to Islam. In the beginning we all come from the same source, and in the end are all human

A closer connection with Earth consciousness isn’t found in orbit but in nature. Water is life. Over 70% of Mother Gaia is water, our bodies are largely made of water. I have always loved swimming, listening to the river flowing, staring at the rain, or a drip on a leaf. Diving has made me aware how beautiful, precious, and all around us life on our planet is

Contact & Connect: send an Email to: Alain Volz @ ATMA.nu (spaces removed) or a Direct Message in LinkedIn

What others say about me


Alain is capable of breaking-down information to the core, and is able to share complex matters in simple examples & words


He is conscious of what is happening around him, allows to be touched in the heart, and can inspire others by touching theirs


When he believes something can be achieved, he will continue working on making it real, despite failures and opposite forces


A loyal friend, great cook, and a leader who has commited to living in service of a community & cause he cares deeply for

Dipaliya Project Support & Coaching  |  Chamber of Commerce: 89835204  |  Alainvolz @ dipaliya.com

LinkedIn: Alain Volz


Burn out | Work stress | Climate stress

Know your drivers & live your core values
Balancing between ethics & pragmatism
Tensions due to full agendas & deadlines
Pressure to peak perform & FOMO
Concerns for climate, society & security


Consultant | Manager | Coach

Ahold Corporate MD – IPMMC – TC&O – Twynstra Gudde Management Consultants – RNR Advies – CHE-NL & Synnervate – Leap into Life Foundation – Toontibo – Dipaliya Foundation & Investment Fund


Coaching | Assessment | Storytelling

Acquaintance without follow-up € 50,-
Coaching per session of 1 hour: € 275,-
=> 3 sessions per contract
Values Assessment + report: from € 750,-
Storytelling: from € 500,-


Burn out | Werk stress | Klimaat stress
Ken je drijfveren & leef je kernwaarden. Balanceren tussen ethiek en pragmatisme< Spanning door volle agenda’s en deadlines Druk om continue te presteren & FOMO Zorg om klimaat, samenleving en veiligheid


Consultant | Manager | Coach

Ahold Corporate MD – IPMMC – TC&O – Twynstra Gudde Management Consultants – RNR Advies – CHE-NL & Synnervate – Leap into Life Foundation – Toontibo – Dipaliya Foundation & Investment Fund


Coaching | Assessment | Storytelling

Kennismaking zonder vervolg € 50,-
Coaching per sessie van 1 uur: € 275,-
=> Telkens 3 sessies per overeenkomst
Waarden Assessment + rapport: va € 750,-
Storytelling: vanaf € 500,-

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